Hebei Baoding No.1 Middle School

Baoding No.1 Middle School was founded in 1906. on 28 September 1906, Baoding Government Middle School, the predecessor of Baoding No.1 Middle School, was established. after the founding of the Republic of China in 1912, Baoding Government Middle School was renamed as Zhili No.6 Middle School. in 1954, it was identified as a national key middle school. Four academicians, including world-renowned biologist Niu Manjiang, metallurgist Wang Zhixi, geologist Tan Xichu and physical and chemical expert Zhang Yuqui, as well as Su Bingqi, the founder of modern archaeology, Wang Chongmin, the founder of Chinese librarianship, Cao Huoxing, the lyricist of "Without the Communist Party there would be no New China", the famous actor Murari, Wang Liping, the former captain of the national women's football team, Shi Dongpeng, the Asian  of the 110m hurdles, and Zhang Bo, one of the first female fighter pilots in China, all came from Baoding No.1 High School. The school has a strong commitment to "rigorous, diligent, and diligent". With the school motto of "rigorous, realistic, diligent and innovative", the school adheres to the educational philosophy of "strengthening the campus culture of science and technology and humanities, forming an academic atmosphere with a century of heritage, promoting the overall healthy development of students, running a quality school, and providing universities with talents who can participate in the international competition of the 21st century. "The school is a national school with a philosophy of education.